What is Deis?

Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers. Deis builds upon Docker and CoreOS to provide a lightweight PaaS with a Heroku-inspired workflow.

Supported Applications

Deis can deploy any application or service that can run inside a Docker container. In order to be scaled horizontally, applications must follow Heroku's 12-factor methodology and store state in external backing services.

Supported Languages

Deis can deploy any language or framework using Docker. If you don't use Docker, Deis also includes Heroku buildpacks for Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart and Go.

Supported Platforms

Deis can be deployed on any system that supports CoreOS including your workstation, as well as most public clouds, private clouds and bare metal.

Why Deis?

Deploy Anything

Deploy any language or framework with a simple “git push”. Use Deis to promote existing Docker images through a CI/CD pipeline.

Control Everything

Choose your hosting provider configuration. Integrate Deis with the monitoring and logging tools of your choice. Retain root access to everything.

Scale Effortlessly

Scale application containers up or down with a single command. To scale capacity of the Deis platform, simply add or remove hosts from the cluster.

100% Open Source

Deis is free, open source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Who is behind Deis?

Engine Yard is the maintainer of the Deis project. Engine Yard provides commercial support and professional services around Deis.